Values & Principles

Paul Chehade was born in a Catholic family.  Based on the principles expressed in the Bible, which Paul Chehade has been raised with; profound values and the riches of his Christian traditions lead him to base his desire to serve the community in neighborly love as preached by Jesus Christ.

What  is required is to return to the old fashion principles on morality, ethics based on respect to all living creature.

Being ethical is not the same as doing "whatever society accepts."  Being ethical is to follow the rules that respect the human right and integrity.

An entire society can become ethically corrupt. Discrimination is a good example of a morally corrupt society.   A reform to our values back to basics will provide the standards to a moral and righteous behavior.

Education is an avenue.   Religious principles of love are also valid.   God must prevail in our  schools our daily life and our families.   The family is the basis of our society and the future of our children therefore of our nation.

God  Bless America.